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70817 Batman & Super Angry Kitty Attack is a The LEGO Movie (Theme) set released in 2015. It includes Batman, Angry Kitty, Skeletron, and a Micro Manager.


This set is most likely based off of the scene where all the citizens are fighting back against the Micro Managers. The Micro Manager is built up basically the same as the others. A basic 4x4 block in black made using the SNOT technique. While it is mostly black, it has hints of dark grey and transparent red. The feature this Micro Manager has is pretty common among others, moving arms. Another feature it has is that is has flick missiles and the top can catapult off by pushing a gray flat piece on the back of the top.

Batman is shown sporting his 2012 Black Superheroes costume. A black cowl with pointed ears and holes for his eyes and mouth. His face is a new angry expression. He also comes with black legs, hips and a black fabric cape. Batman's accessories consist of a regular batarang, and a new brick-built grapple gun based off of the movie.

Angry Kitty features the same body as she had in the "Emmet's Construction Mech" set which consists of dark red and yellow paws. (Achieved by placing a dark red 1x1 tile under a 1x1 yellow tile.) Her body and tail are red with fire patterns among the sides. Her face is a yellow 1x3 tile and a 1x3 printed brick to give Angry Kitty a new angry expression. Her ears are made of two red cheese slopes and her horn consists of a dark red 1x1 round tile with a hole in the middle that you stick the red horn into.

Skeletron is made of grey bone elements with no printing on them at all. It uses droid arms as they are more firm so the skeletron can hold his weapon. Its face is a flat silver with red eye printing and a darker flat silver printing for cheek bones and eyebrows. The face is printed black which is a normal LEGO Skeleton face type. The face then has black lines on both sides that interconnect with the cheek bone printing. Skeletron also has a dark grey gun with a transparent red 1x1 dome piece with a peg that can connect the dome to the gun.

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