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7081 Harry Hardtack and Monkey is a Pirates (4 Plus) set released in 2004. It includes Harry Hardtack and a Monkey.


The set consists of a flag pole, a 4+ Figure named Harry Hardtack who is equipped with a Black scimitar and a Monkey which is equipped with a White scimitar and a Transparent flourescent reddish-orange jewel. The flag pole is made up of a Dark Grey 4x4 plate with a Green plant piece and a Brown 2x2 round brick placed on the bottom right corner with a lance piece stuck in it pointing upwards to represent a pole, on the end of the lance piece is a Red flag piece. Harry Hardtack is all one piece, it consists of a brown tricorne, a head printed with thick Orange eyebrows and mustache and a mouth open in a grin revealing three teeth, a torso printed with a stripy shirt with some of Harrys belly showing, a black jacket and a butchers knife on a bit of sting round his neck, a Green legs piece, the hip is printed with a brown belt, the left leg is printed with a White patch, the right leg is printed with a circle representing where the trousers have been stitched up and both of the feet are printed with shoe buckles.

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