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7092 Skeletons' Prison Carriage is a Castle (2007) set released on October 24, 2007. The set includes a Skeleton Prison Carriage and five Minifigures: two white Skeleton Warriors, a Black Skeleton Warrior, and two Crown Knights.


Prison Carriage

The main part of the set is the spike-covered prison carriage. This drives on four silver wheels and is pulled by three white skeleton horses. There is a place at the front for the drive on top of a semi-circle of spikes. Behind this is a prison with a door at the back. The prison also serves as a turret where skeletons can go. At the back of the battlemented turret are two flames in holders.

Minifigures & Accessories

The set includes 5 minifigures and a lot of accessories: An armored crown knight on a horse with a large shield and a pike, a crown knight with a sword, two white Skeleton Warriors, one with a scythe and a halberd, and the other with a small shield and flail. Also included is a Black Skeleton Warrior with a whip and scythe, and three white Skeleton Horses.


Minifigures Included


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