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7093 Skeleton Tower is a Castle (2007) set released in 2007. The set includes the tower of the Evil Wizard, a Red Dragon, and five minifigures: a Crown Knight, the Crown Princess, the Evil Wizard, and two Skeleton Warriors.



The tower itself measures eleven inches high. It has a grey skeleton head positioned on some rock, with a crank inside to lower a the skeleton head's mouth, which can open up, creating a drawbridge. Above the skeleton head, are some battlements and two towers. On one of the towers is a catapult that can launch rocks at intruders, and the other with only battlements. There is also a hanging bone prison that the princess is imprisoned in, and this can be lowered and opened up.


The Skeleton Tower features one of the new dragon designs that has a wingspan of thirteen inches and is fourteen inches long, and has moveable wings. There is no seat for a minifigure, although if you took two pieces of then there would be room.

Minifigures & Accessories

The set includes five minifigures, one horse, and quite a few accessories: The Evil Wizard with his magic staff, an armored Crown Knight on an armored horse with a silver sword and a small shield. Other minifigures included are the Crown Princess and two Skeleton Warriors, one with a scythe on a pole and a shield, and the other with a flail.

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Defeat the Wizard and save the Princess!

At the sinister Skeleton Tower, the evil Wizard plots his next move to capture the castle. To defeat the villains and rescue the imprisoned Princess, the brave knight must face the fire-breathing dragon and enter the lowering skull jaw gate. Includes dragon, wizard, knight, princess, horse and 2 skeletons! Dragon measures 14" (36cm) long and has a 13" (33cm) wingspan! Dragon's wings move up and down! Skeleton Tower stands 11" (28cm) high! Turn the crank to raise and lower the bridge! Launch rocks at the intruders! Save the princess from the hanging skeleton prison! Watch out for the evil wizard and his crystal ball!

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