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7097 Trolls' Mountain Fortress is a Castle set released in 2009. The set was originally scheduled to be released in August, but was instead released in May. 844 pieces and ten minifigures are included. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Rescue the King from the fortress of the evil trolls!

The trolls have captured the King and imprisoned him in their huge fortress hidden high in the mountains! Guarded by mighty giant trolls and protected by a powerful sorceress and secret traps, the evil Troll King has sworn that his prisoner will never escape. It's up to the bravest knights in the kingdom to defeat the trolls and rescue their king! Includes horse and 10 minifigures: Good King, 3 knights, 2 giant trolls, Troll King, troll sorceress and 2 troll warriors Troll fortress measures 14" (36cm) long, 10" (25cm) wide, and 11" (28cm) high


  • There is a catapult on each of the 2 smaller towers.
  • This set has no bottom baseplate.
  • Two Giant Trolls of different colours are included.
  • This set includes some new pieces like the dark brown clubs (for the Forest and Giant Troll), the magic wand with transparent green lightning piece (for the Troll Sorceress), and new fire flames.
  • This set also includes the newer version of the Crown King Brutus, which has no cape.
  • The set does not include the Crown King's golden sword.

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