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"Fighting the Universe? No, we’re not. We’re fighting a mad being who controls the power of a universe."

7116 Tahu is one of the BIONICLE Stars sets that was released on November 14th, 2009.


7116 Tahu contains 19 pieces to build the character Tahu from 2010. He wields a flame sword similar to that of 8985 Ackar. He wears the red Kanohi Hau, the Mask of Shielding. The last piece is a golden Kanohi Hau, a part of the golden armour. Tahu has been released several times, including this incarnation. Tahu is meant to wear the collectable Golden Armour.


The Toa of Fire, Tahu is destined to wear the powerful golden armor and strike a blow for the freedom of two worlds. One of the six original Toa, Tahu has led his team of protectors ever since awakening in a pod off the shore of Mata Nui island. His fiery personality and impulsive tendencies have been tempered by time and experience. His leadership has helped save the lives of Matoran and Toa, and through many incarnations he has always faced up to the challenges facing him. His appearance and abilities were changed into that of a Toa Nuva when he and his team were immersed in energized protodermis, and then again for his mission in Karda Nui, where flight was necessary to complete his mission of opening the Codrex. Now, the Mask of Life has transformed him back to his original appearance so he can use the incredible power of the mysterious golden armor. He must wrestle the six pieces back from his enemies.


  • In a teaser poster, it shows a constellation forming Tahu, with Mata Nui pointing at him and Ackar, Gelu, and Vastus watching him.
  • Tahu wields a flame piece, the same piece as Ackar's flame, but in red and orange, instead of only orange.
  • The Kanohi Hau pieces in this set are different from the original pieces from 2001. These have an axle in them instead of a stud, and are smaller to fit the Av-Matoran head. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Master of fire!

Transformed by the power of the Mask of Life, Tahu must embark on a dangerous quest -- find the pieces of golden armor that will enable him to defeat the forces of evil Makuta! The Toa of Fire uses his elemental powers and Mask of Shielding to aid him in his fight. Includes one of six golden armor pieces.

  • Tahu, a BIONICLE hero, is equipped with a fire sword and mask of shielding!
  • Classic Kanohi Hau mask also included!
  • Build a golden BIONICLE!
  • Collect all 6: 7116 Tahu, 7117 Gresh, 7135 Takanuva, 7136 Skrall, 7137 Piraka, and 7138 Rahkshi!


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