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Twin-Pod Cloud Car is a 117 piece Classic Star Wars set released in 2002. The set includes Lobot and a Cloud City Twin-Pod Cloud Car. Most of the pieces are red.


The base colour of the set is red, like it was in the movie. The two pods are connected by a beam with an engine that has a grey grill on the front. The pods have red sloping bricks on the top and the bottom with a grey one between them. Behind the vent is the engine. Above that is maroon bricks with a glass.


Cloud cars were used for security patrols of Cloud City. This is a two seat version with seating for a co-pilot along with Lobot. In the movie they have guns.


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Soar through the clouds in the Twin-Pod Cloud Car!

You're ready to travel to Cloud City on Bespin in the Twin-Pod Cloud Car! The cyborg Lobot is your guide to this strange, beautiful world.

  • Includes Lobot.

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