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71248 Mission Impossible Level Pack is a LEGO Dimensions Year 2 set released in 2016. It allows players to play the Mission: Impossible Level, based around Mission: Impossible. The level pack includes Ethan Hunt.


The set features one Ethan Hunt minifigure, who has Superman's hair piece and standard black pants. The headpiece is white, with glasses over the eyes and a mouthpiece. The torso is a black jumpsuit with ropes across the middle, designed to be a grapple hook-attachable suit. He has grey gloves and is holding binoculars. His in game abilities are agility, the ability to target, the ability to use technology pads, the ability to use fuse boxs, magnet gloves, mini drones, grapple hook, the ability to destroy silver LEGO objects, stealth, underwater swimming, the ability to disguise himself/scan disguises, x-ray vision, and rope swinging. His IMF Sports Car is designed after a BMW i8 Concept. Its in game abilities are the ability to tow bars, use jump ramps, and use ground vehicle platforms. It can transform into the IMF Tank and the IMF Splorer, which can dive underwater. The other vehicle, the IMF Scrambler, is based off his motorcycle from the film and has the abilities to use jump ramps and use ground vehicle platforms. It can transform into the Shock Cycle and the IMF Covert Jet, which can fly. The level pack itself is based off Mission: Impossible.