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7124 Flash Speeder is a Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace set released in 2000. The set contains a green Naboo landspeeder and a Naboo Security Officer Minifigure.


The bottom of the speeder has a black baseplate with dark grey sloping bricks at the sides and green at the front. The top of the front is made of sloped green bricks, and has a transparent white glass on top of it at the back. At the sides of the Flash Speeder are two green walls with sloping bricks. In between the walls are two brown seats for minifigures to sit on, and some controls. Behind the seats is a mostly solid section with a storage hatch, on top of which is a green stand to support the gun. At each side of this section is a green engine. The gun turret has two cylinder pieces which join onto the bottom of a brick, which connects onto two transparent red studs at the sides and a small flag pole at the front. On the end of the flag pole is a backwards black cone.

The set also includes a Naboo Security Officer minifigure with a pair of binoculars.


Flash Speeders were used by the Naboo military as fighting speeders as well as military transports. They were produced by the famed Soru-Suub company, based out of Sullust. The Flash speeder is one of the few examples of military presence on the peaceful planet of Naboo, and thus were lightly armed. Despite the fact they were lightly armed, they were capable of reaching very high speeds, thereby fulfilling the ultimate purpose of the term 'speeder', hence the name: 'Flash speeder'. They were also used in the successful attempt to retake Theed Palace.

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It's a high-speed chase in the Flash speeder!
Hop behind the controls of the Flash speeder with the Royal Naboo Security forces. It's built for speed to keep the city streets safe! Outfitted with a pursuit/defense blaster.

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