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71302 Akida – Creature of Water is a 120 piece set BIONICLE released in January 2016. description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Defeat your nemesis with the torpedo shooters in this aquatic themed set, featuring Akida – Creature of Water, mask and a shadow trap.

Dart through oceans and rivers in an underwater adventure!

Fire the torpedo shooters at the shadow trap as it chases you through the water. In the mythical LEGO® BIONICLE® universe, the ancient beasts of raw elemental force must not fall prey to Umarak the Shadow Hunter and his army shadow traps! Find refuge and await the heroic Toa.

  • Akida – Creature of Water features a torpedo shooter, unity piece to attach Toa, posable fin and a mask.
  • Also includes a shadow trap.
  • Sturdy design for intense action play!
  • Measures over 2” (7cm) tall and 8” (22cm) long.
  • Combine with 71307 Gali – Uniter of Water in one click, using the unity piece.
  • Elemental creatures also unite with other Toa for new booster combinations!


Akida, Creature of Water, carries the secrets of the deep oceans of Okoto and is therefore naturally associated with wisdom. It knows the past, embraces the present and foresees the future. When united with a Toa, Akida grants peace of heart and clarity of mind. This allows the hero to hear the whispering secrets hidden in the rain thereby gaining access to the lost and ancient knowledge of Okoto.


  • This creature resembles a shark.