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71305 Lewa – Uniter of Jungle is a 79 piece BIONICLE set released in January 2016. It represents Lewa in his Uniter form, after receiving new armor and weapons from Ekimu. He comes with a Golden Unity Mask of Jungle.


Lewa was the Toa of Air, one of the mythical Toa that landed on the island of Okoto. Working with the other Toa, he defeated some the evil forces on the island, such as the Skull Spiders. He found the Golden Mask of Unity, which enhanced his powers. He attempted to find the Creature of Jungle so that they could merge. While it was at first stubborn and Lewa was hot-headed, they put aside their differences after being attacked and merged, becoming more powerful. With the help of the other Toa, they managed to hold back the evil forces. description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Power up Lewa, the Uniter of Jungle with BIONICLE® head, Golden Mask of Unity, unity piece, dual razor crystal blades and armor.

Hack your way through ancient jungles and seek Okoto’s spirit creatures!

Slash a path through overgrown forests with the dual razor crystal blades. Wear the Unity Mask of Jungle to unleash extra elemental powers with the dual razor crystal blades! Find and tame the elemental creatures living among Okoto’s temple ruins to become invincible!

  • Lewa – Uniter of Jungle features a BIONICLE® head with Unity Mask of Jungle with mask pop-off trigger, armor piece plate with unique rune decorations, unity piece to attach elemental creatures, and posable joints.
  • Weapon elements include dual razor crystal blades.
  • Accessory elements include Golden Unity Mask of Jungle and elemental shoulder plate armor.
  • Turn the wheel to rotate the torso and to launch the whirlwind blade spin!
  • Pop the trigger of the Uniter’s BIONICLE head to release the Unity Mask of Jungle and power up with Golden Unity Mask of Jungle!
  • Sturdy design for intense action play!
  • Stands over 8” (21cm) tall.
  • Combine with 71300 Uxar – Creature of Jungle and lock on the creature’s mask in one click, using the unity piece, and become invincible.
  • Switch with other elemental creatures in the 2016 LEGO® BIONICLE series to create new out-this-world battle powers.
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