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71310 Umarak the Hunter is a 172 piece BIONICLE set released in January 2016. Umarak, known as the Hunter, is a mysterious figure who leads the Shadow Traps. He seeks the great Elemental Creatures.


Umarak is armed with a number of different weapons, including a massive Bone Hunting Bow Shooter, as well as as a blade, a spare ammunition cartridge, and shoulder pauldrons that can detach to become a Shadow Trap. He also bears the Hunter Mask and includes the Mask of Control.

Turning a knob on Umarak's back causes his waist to swing. By pushing down on the back of the figure's eyestalk, his mask will fly off.

Umarak comes with his Bone Hunting Bow Shooter which can shoot green studs, a blade that can be attached to his upper leg, an extra speed reloader for the bow, and his shoulder pauldrons can be turned into a Shadow Trap with some extra pieces included with the set.

Umarak can unite with any of the other six Elemental Creatures released in early 2016 through the Piece of Unification attached to his back.


Umarak is an ancient hunter created by the darkness of Okoto to seek out the Elemental Creatures with the aid of his Shadow Traps and Shadow Spawn, monstrous animalistic clones of himself. After the defeat of Kulta and his Skull creatures, Makuta turned to Umarak for aid in escaping the Shadow Realm and had him seek out the creatures in order to obtain the Mask of Control. He would eventually attack Uxar and force the creature to combine with him, though Uxar was quickly freed by Lewa; Umarak would later attack the Toa as a group in order to learn who had the weakest connection to their Elemental Creature. He soon identified Pohatu, and later succeeded in capturing his partner Ketar, before forcing Pohatu to save the scorpion as opposed to reclaiming the mask. However, Umarak would soon be betrayed, as upon donning the Mask of Control he fell under Makuta's power and was transformed into the monstrous Destroyer.

LEGO.com description

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The chase is on with Umarak the Hunter, featuring BIONICLE® head, Golden Mask of Control, bow shooter, unity piece, shadow trap shoulder blades and armor.

Track down the enemies with the fearsome Umarak the Hunter!

Let the chase begin! Umarak the Hunter has sent out his army of shadow traps to lure the elemental creatures into danger! Will he also find the Golden Mask of Control and use its mind-bending powers to defeat the brave Toa? Fire the bone hunting bow shooter with poison arrows! Umarak the Hunter is unlike anything his opponents have faced before!

  • Umarak the Hunter features a BIONICLE® head with mask pop-off trigger, Hunter Mask, shadow trap shoulder blades, chest piece with unique runes, unity piece to attach elemental creatures and posable joints.
  • Weapons include bone hunting bow shooter.
  • Accessory elements include Golden Mask of Control.
  • Twist the torso wheel to wield the weapons.
  • Never miss a target with the giant the bone hunting bow shooter and poison arrows!
  • Unleash the shadow traps by detaching from Umarak the Hunter’s shoulders.
  • Sturdy design for intense action play.
  • Stands over 11” (28cm) tall.
  • Switch with other creatures in the 2016 LEGO® BIONICLE series to create new combinations of battle powers.
  • Go to LEGO.com/BIONICLE for building instructions


  • Unlike the majority of BIONICLE sets, Umarak never had instructions released to combine his parts with those of other models to create an alternate set. However, two alternate models were created for BIONICLE: The Journey to One using Umarak's parts: his Shadow Spawn and the titan form of Makuta.
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