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71312 Ekimu the Mask Maker is a BIONICLE set released in July 2016. This set contains 94 pieces.


Ekimu the Mask Maker is much like the earlier version featured with the Skull Grinder. He has the same color scheme of transparent blue and gold. Ekimu contains an arm mounted shield and a hammer with the new spike piece on it. His mask is a transparent blue version of the Mask of Creation and his torso and upper legs are transparent blue while the shoulders and bottom legs are gold. Ekimu contains both the arm swiveling and hip swiveling gears on his back. He also comes with an Umarak mask that has transparent red fringes instead of green.


When the Shadow Horde, consisting of Lava Beasts, Quake Beasts, and Storm Beasts was unleashed against the City of the Mask Makers, Ekimu soon realized that their attack was a diversion to occupy the Toa while Umarak obtained the pieces of the Mask of Ultimate Power to free Makuta. In order to join the Toa in preventing this menace, Ekimu entered a shrine in the Temple of Light and was transformed into the Toa of Light. Joining the other Toa, he traveled in pursuit of Umarak and eventually faced him at the site of Makuta's first defeat after battling some of the Elemental Beasts. Umarak then used the power of Shadow to trap the Toa, forcing Ekimu and Agil, the Elemental Creature of Light, to unleash their powers to free the heroes, which reverted Ekimu back to his original form.

LEGO description

Return Ekimu the Mask Maker to battle, featuring a BIONICLE® head with mask pop-off trigger, rotating torso and twisting battle arm, Crystal Hammer and 2 special masks.

Reawaken the powers of the ancient hero and defeat evil!

Ekimu has used the Mask of Creation to build powerful armor, and has regained some of his old strength. Swing the mighty Crystal Hammer as you join the heroic Toa in the battle against Umarak the Destroyer and the Elemental Beasts. Fend off their infectious attacks with the Crystal Saw Shield, and save the islanders of Okoto.

  • Features a BIONICLE® head with mask pop-off trigger, powered-up Mask of Creation, Crystal Saw Shield, armor chest piece with unique rune decoration and posable joints.
  • Includes the corrupted Hunter Mask.
  • Turn the wheel to rotate the torso for fast-action play.
  • Twist the arm wheel to activate the battle arm.
  • Includes a Crystal Hammer weapon.
  • Sturdy design for intense crash-and-bash play.
  • This set offers an age-appropriate building experience for ages 7–14.
  • Stands over 8” (22 cm) tall.
  • Go to LEGO.com/BIONICLE for building instructions, games, animations and more. Ask your parents’ permission before going online.
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