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71314 Storm Beast is a BIONICLE set released in 2016.


The storm beast is primarily deep blue with transparent blues and greens. It possesses custom pose-able hands and a tail with a shadow trap piece on the end which can be moved to interact with a unique gear system. It has a deep blue and transparent green mask over an all transparent green head with a gun metal jaw. It comes with a white 2016 kopaka mask that has a transparent green fringe. It also has rare elbow-less arms.


The Storm Beasts, along with the Lava Beasts and Quake Beasts, were unleashed by Umarak on the orders of Makuta to keep the Toa occupied while Umarak searched for the pieces of Makuta's Mask of Ultimate Power. They were created by Shadow Traps being fused with the power of the elements and unleashed against the City of the Mask Makers, where they fought the Toa and Elemental Creatures. However, after the initial wave was beaten back by the Toa, it fell to the Creatures and the native Okotans to continue the battle while the Toa and Ekimu sought out Umarak to halt Makuta's plans. They later fought several of the Elemental Beasts on their way, and Gali saw others while trapped in the Shadow Realm prior to Makuta's ultimate defeat.



  • Instructions were released to combine the three beasts and Umarak the Destroyer to create a larger model that had no storyline role.