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71316 Umarak the Destroyer is a BIONICLE set released in 2016.


After Umarak the Hunter donned Makuta's Mask of Control, it caused him to mutate into a monstrous new form, the Destroyer, making him blindly obedient to Makuta. On his new master's orders, he unleashed the monstrous Shadow Horde against the City of the Mask Makers while he sought out the fragments of the Mask of Ultimate Power. Achieving this goal, he then made his way to the site of Makuta's defeat, the Black Crater, in order to open a portal to the Shadow Realm in order to release Makuta. The Toa and Ekimu, learning of this scheme, traveled to intercept him, and encountered him only to be held back by a force of Elemental Beasts, though they soon caught up to him.

Using the power of Shadow, Umarak soon trapped the briefly powerless Toa, only for Ekimu to unleash the power of Light against him, freeing the Toa; Umarak would then battle the heroes, minus Gali whose spirit was drawn into the Shadow Realm. Umarak soon destroyed the weapons of the other Toa, and gloated that Ekimu's Light attack had given him the power needed to complete the portal. However, Ekimu was fully aware of what was meant to happen, and Umarak soon found himself betrayed as Makuta sacrificed him in order to complete the portal. The Destroyer would subsequently be avenged, however, as the Toa-rejoined by Gali-combined their elemental powers to banish Makuta back to the Shadow Realm.


  • Instructions were released for Umarak to combine with the Storm Beast, Lava Beast, and Quake Beast into a larger model; this had no storyline role. This set was also one of several from which pieces were used to create the set form of Makuta.