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71348 Hermione Fun Pack is a LEGO Dimensions set released in 2017.


The set consists of 64 pieces. Hermione Granger appears in casual dress, with blue jeans and a blue jacket, with a white undershirt. She carries a normal wand. The minifigure is exclusive to this fun pack. Her hairpiece is blonde and let back, and is the only one of these pieces to appear so far except in 10257 Carousel.

A brick-built version of Buckbeak appears, and is Hermione's vehicle in-game. Two plates come with the pack, and are used to scan Hermione and Buckbeak into the game.


  • This set is the only Harry Potter pack to be released in Year 2, excluding the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them packs.
  • This is the only Harry Potter fun pack, excluding the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them fun pack. The only other Harry Potter pack, 71247 Harry Potter Team Pack, is a team pack.
  • This version of Hermione Granger is exclusive to this pack.

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