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7134 A-Wing Fighter is a Classic Star Wars set released in 2000. It is the first A-Wing model released by LEGO. Included with the set are A-Wing Pilot and Rebel Mechanic minifigures.


The set in its entirety

The set features a red and light grey coloured A-wing starfighter. The ship has a laser cannon and concussion missile launcher mounted on each side of the ship's body, and the weapons have the ability to rotate around. The A-wing's cockpit transparent window can be opened and closed by the use of hinge pieces towards the front of the ship, and three landing struts are present on the bottom of the ship for the ship to stand on. This model has two engines at the rear of the ship, which have circular transparent yellow pieces on the ends to represent the engines being on. Behind the cockpit is an area at the back which can be folded up to reveal a storage container, which can be removed from the ship. The set also includes two minifigures- a Rebel Mechanic with a black spanner or wrench, and an A-Wing Pilot. Both of these minifigures are exclusive to this set.


The RZ-1 A-wing interceptor was a starfighter designed by the Rebel Alliance, and was well-known for being one of the fastest mass-produced starfighters in the known galaxy. The A-wing was armed with two laser cannons and two concussion missile launchers, and had light shielding and armour. Green Squadron was an Alliance A-wing squadron, and they participated in the Battle of Endor. Green Leader was killed when his A-wing crashed into and destroyed the bridge of the Super Star Destroyer Executor, leading to the destruction of the vessel as it plunged into the second Death Star. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Pilot the A-Wing – the fastest Rebel fighter!

Fearless Rebel pilots zoom through the skies in the speedy A-Wing. It has two wing-mounted pivoting blaster cannons, and a cockpit that opens and closes.

  • Comes with one Rebel pilot and a mechanic minifigures!

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