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71376 Thwomp Drop Expansion Set is a Super Mario set that was released on August 1, 2020.


Thwomps, also known as Thwomp Traps,[1][2] are giant stone faces found mostly in the Mushroom Kingdom. They are normally depicted as spike-encrusted living stones that are usually rectangular in shape and made their first appearance in the game Super Mario Bros. 3. They typically attempt to fall on and flatten whoever passes below them, although some move horizontally or diagonally as well. They can be destroyed by Hammer Mario's hammers, Statue Mario, Gold Mario's fireballs, getting tapped while the player is under the influence of a Boost Star, a shell dash, by being touched when Mario is giant or invincible, or by a hammer swing from Builder Mario. Thwomps are sometimes described as "ghosts,"[3] and it is suggested in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time that they may be born from volcanic activity.


The set has little terrain, much of which consists or orange and red bricks representing lava. At the floor level is a grey rail just above the lava, and it hosts a white platform for Mario to surmount. The white platform consists of two scannable tiles: a studded one and a studless one. The set’s side-builds consist of two grey platforms, one of which has a black flipper, both intended to hold one podoboo each. The set’s centrepiece is a square pole stemming vertically from a grey box before the track. The box has a piston arrangement at its base, and a semicircular plate is intended to push in each piston as it goes past them. The pistons attach to a lengthy TECHNIC rod that rests in the black and grey tower. A lever at the top moves from side to side as the platform pushes in the pistons. The white cloud at the tower’s top can be twisted and turned slightly as an alternative method for dropping the Thwomp.

Mario can mount either of the white platform’s tiles, although the studless one is more challenging and rewards more coins than the other as it provides the occupant with less stability. As Mario is scanning one of these tiles, menacing music plays and his accelerometer activates, resulting in him collecting one coin every time the platform switches directions. The set’s namesake, Thwomp, is a large, angry, grey block of granite whose internal structure consists of alternating slopes intended to attach to the black tower. The default objective is to mount Mario on the white platform and slide it back and forth on the rail, causing Thwomp to condescend slightly, until it finally falls to the ground. The fall activates a lever that flips a podoboo intended for Mario. Once Thwomp falls, Mario can scan its tile quintuply to defeat it, resulting in explosive graphics appearing on Mario’s chest. Thwomp remains on the ground until somebody manually resets its position. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Give LEGO® Super Mario™ fans a fun test with this Thwomp Drop Expansion Set (71376). A terrific gift for kids to add to the LEGO Super Mario Starter Course (71360), this collectible toy playset features a sliding platform for LEGO® Mario™ (figure not included; find in the Starter Course set) with 2 balance difficulty options, a Thwomp and 2 Lava Bubble figures, plus a Lava Bubble flipping function.

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Make building this set easier and more fun with digital Instructions PLUS on the free LEGO Super Mario app, featuring zoom and rotate viewing tools, suggestions for creative ways to rebuild and play, and a safe platform for fans to share ideas.

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LEGO Super Mario sets bring a family-favorite character into the real world. The modular Starter Course building toy and Expansion Sets, plus Power-Up Packs, allow fans to create their own unique levels for hours of group or solo gameplay.

  • Players must show their skills and dodge the Thwomp with this testing LEGO® Super Mario™ Thwomp Drop Expansion Set (71376), adding another fun level to the LEGO Super Mario Starter Course set.
  • This LEGO® Super Mario™ toy playset features a sliding platform for LEGO® Mario™ (figure not included; find in the Starter Course), Thwomp and 2 Lava Bubble figures, plus a pole for the Thwomp to slide down.
  • Kids can choose to place LEGO® Mario™ either on the studded part of the sliding platform or on the smooth part to test themselves further and gain an even greater feeling of achievement.
  • This 393-piece LEGO® toy building set makes a fun birthday or holiday gift for creative kids aged 8 and up, sparking their imaginations to create new levels to add to their Adventures with Mario Starter Course (71360).
  • This modular set measures over 12.5” (32.5cm) high, 10.5” (27cm) wide and 7” (17.5cm) deep in its basic formation. It can be rearranged and combined with the Starter Course and other Expansion Sets in many ways.
  • No batteries required for this Expansion Set – power up the gameplay by adding it to the Starter Course.
  • The free LEGO® Super Mario™ app features building instructions and inspiration for creative gameplay and is a safe platform for sharing ideas. For a list of compatible Android and iOS devices, visit
  • Collectible LEGO® Super Mario™ building toys bring a family-favorite character into the real world. They offer endless ways for fans to expand, rebuild and customize their own levels to master in group or solo gameplay.
  • Builders don’t need a Super Star’s power to connect LEGO® bricks or pull them apart. Since 1958, LEGO bricks have met the highest industry standards, meaning a consistent, secure connection every time.
  • LEGO® building bricks are extensively tested and analyzed so you can be sure that this unique toy playset satisfies the highest safety and quality standards.

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  • This is one of the few wave one Super Mario sets that lacks a power-up tile.

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