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"I don't need your money. I work for the thrill."

7147 XPlode is a 45 piece Hero Factory theme that was released in July 2010.


XPlode's spikes on his weapon is the same part as Krika's back legs. He also wears Skrall body armour. His meteor blaster is made out of the same parts used previously in the Thornax Launcher from BIONICLE. His colours are red, yellow, and black.


XPlode was one of the evil Von Nebula's most feared servants. He did not work regulary for Von Nebula, since he was a powerful and rich criminal known in the underworld. XPlode carried explosive spikes that could be launched, which were one of his favorite weapons. He had a short temper and was armed with a meteor blaster. His favourite quote was "I don't need your money. I work for the thrill.". He was captured along with the rest of Von Nebula's Gang. He spent sometime in prison. Then He later escaped during the mass breakout, but was later recaptured.


  • On the box image his body armour is red but on the Toy Fair pictures it is black. In reality it is Dark Red.
  • He doesn't have teeth on his upper jaw on the box picture as he does on the Toy Fair picture and in set form.
  • This is the only non-titan villain that does not have Ben 10 leg parts.
  • His armour doesn't cover his entire upper arms.
  • On the box picture he holds the sword from its middle unlike the set form, where he can only hold it in its tip.
  • He and Von Nebula are the only 2010 villains that don't contain stickers.
  • Part 61807pb02 is Exclusive to this set.
  • XPlode is voiced by Jeff Glenn Bennett. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Turn up the heat with this hot tempered henchman!

Proximity alert! XPlode has been spotted at an explosives plant and is about to cause major mayhem! Von Nebula’s short-fused servant, XPlode is covered in blazing spikes that he blasts off at anyone and anything! Don’t even try reasoning with this hot-headed renegade!

  • Von Nebula’s most feared henchman
  • Short-fused, impatient and always questioning authority, XPlode is one fiery villain!
  • Weapons include blazing spiked armor and Meteor Blaster
  • Stands over 7” (17cm) tall


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