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7155 Trade Federation AAT is a Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace set released in 2000. It is a set modeled after the Trade Federation's Armored Assault Tank from the movie. Included are two Battle Droid minifigures.


The Trade Federation AAT is built of mainly grey, beige and brown parts, with a number of hidden blue parts throughout the model. The base of the AAT is a half-circle, with brown pieces at the back and beige making up most of the rest. Oval markings are depicted on the front of the semicircle, signifying energy shell launchers, which were used in Episode 1 against the Gungans. The AAT sports five laser cannons, two just above the highest point on the half-circle, one in the middle connected to the cockpit, and two on 'arms' sprouting from the vehicle's body. One battle droid in 'deactivated' position can fit inside the cockpit with the lid closed. The blasters of the two battle droids included are stored at the back of the vehicle, and the second droid is built into the body, just behind the two smallest laser cannons. In the instructions, there are two combo models shown, one a speeder and the other a vehicle similar to a backwards Gungan Sub.


The Armoured Assault Tank was a military repulsorcraft created by Baktoid Armor Workshop and used primarily by the Trade Federation, and later Separatist, armies. During the Trade Federation's Invasion of Naboo, AATs were deployed to occupy the surfact, and also saw action during the Battle of Naboo against the Gungan armies. AATs were armed with one heavy laser cannon, as well as laser blasters, antipersonnel blasters and projectile launchers.

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The good guys run when they see this battle tank!
No one wants to face it... with its crew if two battle droids ready for combat! Its heavy armor protects it from fire – and its five laser guns and six energy shell launchers do maximum damage! Create your own battle scenes right out of Star Wars: Episode I.

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