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7158 Furno Bike is a 165 piece Hero Factory set released in 2010. It includes a orange motorbike and William Furno, but the hero included is different from the set variation. The front part of the motorcycle is a recoloured Bohrok headplate. The vehicle includes two Meteor Blasters with a red Zamor sphere as its weapons.


This set has a logo saying "from the makers of BIONICLE characters" on the top right part of the box. The Bohrok faceplate on the front is the same solid/clear colour scheme as seen in 2002. Furno also has different feet in this set.


  • Furno used this vehicle to defeat Rotor.
  • On the rear of the box, he is seen fighting 7145 Von Nebula.


  • The set was first thought to be called "Blaze Bike", but with the announcement of William Furno's finalized name, the name of the vehicle was adjusted accordingly.
  • In prototype versions of the set, the front of the Bike used a Rahkshi head instead of a Bohrok head. That can be seen in the Rise of the Rookies comics.
  • This is one of the only two Hero Factory vehicle sets from 2010.
  • This set is known as both Blaze Bike and Furno Bike.
  • Furno's arms and legs are red in this set, in 7167 William Furno, they are coloured in a orange/yellow tone, his feet are different from his feet in that set and he doesn't have leg armour.
  • The front of the Bike features a Bohrok Headplate in a new colour.
  • In the Breakout movie, Stormer XL drives a recoloured version of this set.
  • In the Brain Attack movie the Bike was destroyed by Dragon Bolt. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Roar into action with the Furno Bike!

Stacked with a powerful engine, front steering and dual plasma blasters, the Furno bike gives rookie team leader William Furno the speed and power he needs to rocket into the toughest missions.

  • Furno bike includes spinning rubber tires with treads!
  • Features working kickstand and flame windshield art!
  • Over 12” (30cm) long and 6” (15cm) tall!


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