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"There's nothing like the feeling of putting some lowlife away for good. That's what the Hero Factory does. We take out the galaxy's trash.""
―Preston Stormer [1]
"Okay, rookies, playtime's over."
―Preston Stomer

The set 7164 Preston Stormer is a set of the Hero Factory theme released on July 2010, including a white Hero with a blue head and core.


Stormer has a blue head, a blue hero core, white armour and bright blue limbs, along with a multifunctional ice weapon. His weapon sports a rotating saw, several connected ice spikes, a harpoon launcher, and another spiky tool at his elbow. When the weapon is detached, the arm becomes a Toa hand piece. Spikes project from the shoulders of his body armour, which is not in sync on both sides. The back of the canister shows him battling Von Nebula.


Stormer's the Hero Factory Alpha Team leader, having completed more missions than any other hero. He is dedicated and loyal, but secretly shaken by a previous mission when a fellow Hero turned against the Hero Factory, leaving Stormer to complete the mission on his own. Brave and tough, yet proud and competitive, he is armed with a built-in multi-functional ice weapon, featuring an ice saw, ice shooter, and harpoon to stop anyone in their tracks. One of his quotes is "Okay, rookies, playtime's over."


  • Stormer's multi-functional ice weapon's ice blade is a different color than the eyes and Hero Core.
  • After losing a fellow hero on a mission, Von Ness, Stormer has become more stern and serious. He expects 110% from everyone and himself. Little did Stormer know that Von Ness survived the incident and became Von Nebula, after almost costing a city and Stormer's life to be destroyed.
  • Stormer's weapon is portrayed as a blade, but it can fire ice blasts.
  • Stormer is rereleased as 2063 Stormer 2.0 in the 2011 storyline.
  • Stormer's weapon arm is one single piece. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Lead the Alpha team to save New Stellac City!

The fearless leader of the LEGO® HERO FACTORY’s® Alpha team, Preston Stormer is the tough, brave veteran of his posse. With more missions completed than any other Alpha team hero, Stormer is a proud and competitive warrior. Use his ice weapon for multiple functions like ice sawing, and harpooning.

  • Leader of the LEGO HERO FACTORY Alpha team
  • Stormer’s multi-functional ice weapon features an ice saw, bot shooter and harpoon
  • Equipped with removable hero core, high-tech ice armor and command helmet with camera and communications headset
  • Over 6” (15cm) tall


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