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"Heroes to the core!"
―William Furno

7167 William Furno is a 19 piece Hero Factory set released in July 2010.


Furno has transparent yellow-green eyes, red armour, and bright orange limbs. For a weapon, he uses a dual fire shooter, consisting of two identical pieces, each with a silver hilt and a translucent orange blade. Unlike the three full-fledged Heroes, Furno has two complete arms with hands. A slightly altered design can be found in 7158 Furno Bike. The back of the canister shows William Furno battling Rotor.


When Furno was created in the Assembly Tower, Hero Factory's founder, Akiyama Makuro, noted that there was something different about him. After Furno's construction was complete he was placed in the Quaza Chamber for charging, at which point the reaction in his core caused by his charging nearly blew the Tower off the map. He successfully captured the Villain Rotor, and has helped in the capturing of the rest of Von Nebula's gang as well as the mastermind himself. He later fought the Fire Villains with the rest of the team but was defeated. In order to defeat the villains he was upgraded to Furno 2.0.


  • Some sources say William Blaze instead of Furno. This is also featured on his downloadable wallpaper.
  • A silhouette of Furno featured in the Hero Factory guide mailed out with the July–August issue of LEGO magazine showed him with his Dual Fire Shooter separated and attached to the back of his arms. It is unknown if this allows Furno to fly, or is just another way to use his weapon. This silhouette is also on his canister.
  • On the canister, it shows Furno with orange arms, but the pieces are a brighter orange than is shown.
  • On the LEGO homepage, Furno was shown with an orange core.
  • In the TV ads and in the product itself, Furno's blaster has the orange blades, while in the TV series, it does not have blades at all.
  • Furno is said to be the next Preston Stormer, but Furno himself thinks otherwise.
  • Furno is released as 2065 Furno 2.0 in the 2011 storyline.
  • In 7158 Furno Bike, he has red arms, legs, and red Toa Mata feet.
  • On the back of his canister, he is seen fighting 7162 Rotor, however, he is seen helping 7164 Preston Stormer on the box of 7145 Von Nebula. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Blaze into battle with Furno’s fire powers!

Rookie Leader Furno is on his final trial mission before being promoted to hero. Furno torches enemies with flames of fury from his dual fire shooter. Look out, Von Nebula! This scorched bot has something to prove!

  • Rookie of the Alpha team!
  • Armed with a dual fire shooter!
  • Equipped with removable hero core, high-tech air armor and a helmet with camera and communications headset!
  • Over 6” (15cm) tall!


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