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―Mark Surge

7169 Mark Surge is a 19 piece Hero Factory set released in 2010.


Surge, a rookie recently constructed in the Assembly Tower, uses two lightning shooters, identical pieces with silver hilts and translucent yellow lightning bolt blades. He has yellow-green eyes, a yellow-green hero core, blue armour and silver limbs. Like Furno and Breez, but unlike the three Alpha Team members, Surge has two arm pieces. His body armour is the same shape as Furno's and Breez's. The back of the canister shows him battling Corroder.


The youngest rookie on the Hero Factory team, Surge is a little clumsy, yet highly competitive. He is hot-tempered, and secretly believes that one day he will turn evil, courtesy of a flaw that he believes was built with him. Surge tends to have problems landing his hero pod, but his skill in manipulating his electrical shield, armour and lightning weapon makes up for it. His quote is "Yeehaa!". He fought the minions of Von Nebula, and later was promoted to a full-fledged Hero. On the back of the canister, a picture depicts Surge battling Corroder.


  • A silhouette released in the Hero Factory guide in the July–August 2010 LEGO Magazine showed him holding his lightning shooters in one hand. This is assumed to be his Lightning Shield.
  • In a Hero Factory magazine released in July, it says that Surge was built with a flaw and he is afraid of going to the side of evil.
  • Mark Surge's head is lime green, while his core is yellow.
  • The lightning of his weapons is rubber.
  • Surge's twin lightning weapons are meant to be a single blaster.
  • Surge is re-released as 2141 Surge 2.0 in the 2011 storyline.
  • Surge's head is possibly a reference to the Toa Inika Hahli. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Charge up your attacks with Surge!

Surge of the Alpha team may be a little clumsy landing his hero pod but this bot is a shocker in battle! Watch Surge bolt into battle and deliver 1,000 volts of justice to Von Nebula and his cyborg soldiers. It won’t be long before this rookie is a full and ferocious hero!

  • The youngest rookie of the Alpha team!
  • Armed with a lightning bolt weapon and electrified shields and armor!
  • Equipped with removable hero core, high-tech air armor and a helmet with camera and communications headset with camera!
  • Over 6” (15cm) tall!


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