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"Let's rock."
―Jimi Stringer

7170 Stringer is a Hero Factory themed set released on July 13, 2010. The set includes a black 1.0 Hero.


Stringer, a member of Hero Factory's prestigious Alpha Team, wields a black blaster that fires sonic blasts. Several other unidentified tools are also included on the weapon. He has orange eyes, a light orange Hero core, black armor and orange limbs. His body armour is different from every other Hero, and it displays several gadgets, which probably have something to do with sound, as that is the subject he is proficient in. The back of the canister shows him battling Meltdown.


Stringer is a laid-back Hero with an extreme knowledge of sound. He enjoys working with rookies, unlike fellow teammates Stormer and Bulk, and he is an experienced musician. He fought Corroder in the comic Core Crisis. It is thought by some he may be a reference to guitarist Jimi Hendrix, hence the name "Jimi" and "Stringer" as in guitar strings. Also, it is noted on the Hero Factory website that his weapon can double up as an amplifier for guitars.


  • Although he is re-released in 2011 as Stringer 3.0, he wasn't released in a 2.0 form.
  • He is voiced by Stephen Stanton.
  • On the LEGO Shop website, he is simply called Jim Stringer (example below). Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Stringer’s sonic powers blast the enemy away!

Mess with Stringer of the Alpha team and prepare to feel the sonic boom! This slick and skilled hero is feared by Von Nebula’s brood as a powerful veteran bot. He fights alongside his fellow heroes, delivering swift justice with his sonic-charged weapon.

  • The most skilled and advanced member of the Alpha team!
  • Armed with built-in multi-functional sonic blaster!
  • Equipped with removable hero core, high-tech air armor and a helmet with camera and communications headset with camera!
  • Over 6” (15cm) tall!


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