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7184 Trade Federation MTT was a set released in 2000 as part of the LEGO Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace line. Included are seven Battle Droid minifigures. Six of these were stationed in the troop bay awaiting deployment, while one piloted the ship. An updated version (7662 Trade Federation MTT) was released in 2007.


This model has a colour scheme of brown, beige, and grey and a few pieces of green mostly covered by the other pieces. Like the newer version, the MTT has hatches; however, while the other had nine, this only has four, two at the sides, one at the front for the droids to come out of, and one at the back. The laser cannons on this model are less movie-accurate than those in 7662, but pose a more threatening appearance and look more powerful.
Brown pieces make up the largest part of the set, as all the sides contain brown as their largest amount. The old dark grey pieces come in second, and there are only a few beige pieces. The hatch on the front is actually a brown version of the TIE Fighter cockpit fronts, and is obviously smaller than the circular hatch in 7662. The vehicle can carry a battle droid up in the cockpit, as well as six on the rack, and inside the back part, there are controls with transparent flagpoles to their sides.


Multi-troop transports, or MTTs, carried hundreds of Battle Droids onto the battlefield to fight against the Gungans, but ultimately lost against the army of Naboo's natives. The MTTs could be used as battering rams or cover for the troops. Each Multi-Troop Transport carried a hundred and twelve battle droids, and the MTTs themselves were deployed from Trade Federation landing crafts into the forests of Naboo.


  • The instruction booklet contained alternate models for the set, including walkers, submarines, and small hovercrafts. It also contained some small comics. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

It's built like a tank — and filled with fighting droids!

This hovering repulsorlift vehicle transports Trade Federation battle droids into active battle zones. In battle, this mammoth vehicle provides cover for the troops — and its reinforced front end can be used as a battering ram!

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