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7197 Venice Canal Chase was released in June 2009 as part of the LEGO Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade line. Included are Indiana Jones, Elsa Schneider, Kazim, and a Knight of the Cruciform Sword minifigures.

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The guardians of the Grail are in hot pursuit!

Escaping through the canals of Venice with the map to the Holy Grail, Indy and Elsa are chased by a secret order of guardians sworn to prevent the Grail from being discovered! Are a collapsing pier and a blast-apart boat enough to get them out of danger? Includes Indiana Jones, Dr. Elsa Schneider and 2 Grail Guardian figures.

  • Recreate the exciting adventure from the movie The Last Crusade!
  • Includes 4 minifigures: Indiana Jones, Dr. Elsa Schneider and 2 Grail Guardian figures!
  • Features a collapsing bridge, breakable boat bottom, exploding motor, and secret manhole hiding place!
  • Each boat measures 6¾ inches (17.1cm) long!

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