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7207 Fire Boat is a City Fire set released in January 2010. Included are four Firefighter minifigures.


On the top, there is a cockpit for driving the boat towards the fire. Underneath the cockpit, a place where the minifigures can sit and use any of the three computers is situated. There are also two coffee mugs by the seat. Altogether, there are six hoses attached to the ship. Each one can move in at least one direction, and two can seat minifigures to "pilot" them.

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Calling all LEGO' builders: this ship needs YOUR help!

There's a fire emergency in LEGO CITY harbor! Build this awesome Fire Ship and go to the rescue. With six water cannons and a 360-degree rotating fire-fighting boom, blazes don't stand a chance! Set includes Fire Ship and dinghy! All 4 firefighter minifigures have life jackets! Shoot the 6 water cannons to put out the flames! Motorized dinghy really floats! Measures over 16" (40cm) long and over 11" (27cm) tall!



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