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7208 Fire Station is a LEGO City set released in January 2010. It contains a large fire engine with a ladder mounted on a turntable on top, a small fire truck and four firemen. The set includes a new firepole and a redesigned Fire Apparatus. They added the firepole because of a large request on also comes with a cat. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Join the famous LEGO' CITY fire-fighting team!

These brave fire-fighters are ready to handle any emergency in LEGO CITY! The alarm goes off at the Fire Station -- there's a big fire across town! Quick, run out of the living quarters, slide down the fireman's pole and hurry to the garage where the fire truck and rescue truck are waiting to go. Put the flames out and use the truck's ladder and jump sheet to rescue anyone stuck upstairs! That's one emergency down. Now what about that kitten stuck up in the tree? Build a Fire Station, Fire Truck and Rescue Truck! Set includes 4 firefighter minifigures and cool accessories! Station measures over 17" (43cm) and over 9" (22cm) tall! Truck measures over 7" (17cm) and over 3" (7cm) tall


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