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7224 Christmas Promotional Set is a promotional Seasonal Make and Create set released in 2003. It contains 34 pieces. It included a brick built Santa, a present and a Christmas tree in a pot.


The set contains Santa, a Christmas tree and a present. The present is green with red "ribbons" in the shape of a cross. The Christmas tree consists of twelve pieces. It has a black base with a brown pot on it and green "leaves" made with sloping rooftop bricks. A transparent yellow conse piece is located at the tip.

Santa is mainly red, with a black plate for his feet and a white sloping brick as his beard. His stomach bulges out from underneath the beard and his arms are on either side. Santa's face is depicted by a yellow 2x1 brick with printing of hair, a beard and a mustache over eyes and a red nose. His hat is a red sloped 2x1 brick with a white stud on top.


  • This set had a promotional release with Blockbuster stores in Hong Kong, during the December of 2003.
  • Santa's face piece is also used in 10068 Santa.

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