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7236 Police Car is a City themed set released in 2005, and later re-released in 2008 with blue stickers. It contains a Police Car that can fit only one minifigure, a speed radar camera, and a police officer.


The 7236 police car is a City police car including a speed radar with a keypad. The police car comes in 2 sticker variations, the blue sticker variation, and a black sticker variation. It has 2 antennas on the back edge of the roof. it also has police stickers on 3 places. 1 on the hood, and 2 on the sides.

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Stop trouble before it starts!

The police car is on patrol, keeping the city streets safe! The police officer has his radar gun to watch for speeders. When he spots one, he takes off in his super-fast police car and tracks the driver down!

  • Includes police officer minifigure

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