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7237 Police Station is a City set released in 2005.


The set contains a police station, a jail cell, a police helicopter, two cameras on the Police Station, three spotlights, alarms on the cell, and a motorcycle among other police related equipment. The minifigures in the set include four police officers, one of which has a flashlight that lights up when his head is pushed down; Handsome Hank; and a police dog. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Get ready for action at the Police Station!
The police station is the place to go for LEGO City adventure! The brave officers are ready to fight crime with their police helicopter, van, and cycle. Launch the copter from the heliport, then bring the crook back to jail. Monitor the city from the control room and send out the police at the first sign of trouble! Move the heliport platform so the helicopter can take off and land. Features police helicopter, van & cycle. Includes 5 officers, 2 robbers & 2 police dogs.

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  • This set was remade in 2006 including two extra minifigures, including an extra robber and a policeman, alongside a dog. That set with the additional two figures was released in 2006. The 2006 version ran longer and was not discontinued until 2008.


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