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7245 Prisoner Transport is a City set released in 2005, and later re-released in 2008 with blue stickers. It contains an armored van called the Prisoner Transport. It includes a Police Officer, Crook, and a Police van.


It has a spotlight on the top, very similar to the 7236 Police Car. There are two binoculars also on top. The set features two different color stickers, one black, and one blue. In the back, there is a door that can open up to put the crook inside. Also, the sides of the van are fixed with barred windows. The set contains 98 pieces. It is intended for ages five and up.

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Take the prisoner to jail! There's no escape from the prisoner transport! Once the police officer captures the crook, he puts him behind bars in this heavily armored van and takes him to jail. LEGO City is safe once more!

  • Open the back of the van to put the prisoner inside.
  • Includes police officer & crook.

Minifigures Included

City Police Officer SevenCrook


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