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7248 Digger, sometimes titled as 7248 Excavator, is a City Construction set released in 2005. Included are 127 pieces to assemble a digger, barricade and a construction worker minifigure. The set was included within the product collection set; 66194 City Super Pack. This set is for builders age 5 and up.


The Excavator is yellow with some black markings and attached. It has three wheels on each side with black treads around them. The upper part of the digger can rotate over the bottom where the wheels connect to the vehicle. The cab "glass" opens up and the driver can be seated inside. The digger's arm is long with several joints and ends with a large black scoop.

A barricade is also included in the set, striped black and yellow. It measures 1 x 4 and is flat with a decal stuck on.

The driver has printing of a blue shirt under orange overalls. He wears an orange construction hat and features a face with stubble, but smiling slightly. His hands are grey, depicting that he is wearing gloves.


  • The digger "arm" has the number "7248" printed on it, which is actually the set number. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Get the job done fast!

Every construction site needs a heavy duty digger to help get the work done. This mean machine is ready to scoop up your LEGO bricks and clear the way for new construction. Includes driver with jackhammer and other accessories.

Minifigures Included[]

City Construction Worker Six


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