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7249 XXL Mobile Crane is a City Construction set released in 2005. It contains one XXL Mobile Crane, which has an arm that extends over 20 inches, several heavy tires, several construction materials, and two minifigures. The set also includes three work cones.


  • The prototype of the set is very different -- the prototype has four wheels instead of two - indicating it would have sixteen wheels rather than the final's eight when one counts the wheels together. The XXL Mobile Crane's appearance is different, too, with yellow and black details and a different crane. There are barriers, which looks like rectangular barriers, a common barrier often used. The prototype also seems to lack the cones. There are also different minifigures which have different clothing, white and blue. The two minifigures appear to be a duplicate of each other rather than different minifigures. The crane's hook also looks like a regular hook that is round rather than the final set's square-like version.

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