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7263 TIE Fighter is a 159 piece Star Wars set released in 2005. The set includes a TIE Fighter, a TIE Pilot and Darth Vader minifigures.


The TIE fighter has two large wings with flat blue 'vent' type pieces going out to the edges to form the X shaped sign and two more blue strips going horizontally to the two sides. In the very center of each wing is an empire sign on a circular 2x2 brick. The wings are connected together by some stabilizers which connect onto the cockpit. The stabilizers have many sloping pieces of different sizes to join onto the wings. TIE fighters have a rather octogonal-shaped cockpit that is quite long. This is built of some sloping pieces and walls mainly coloured dark and light grey, but with the occasional blue piece. At the top of the cockpit is a 4x4 dark grey dish. The cockpit has a glass with a sticker showing eight glass windows at the sides and one in the middle. The glass piece has two stud 'bumps' at the bottom which connect onto two transparent red studs which act as guns. A minifigure can fit inside the cockpit and use the controls.

The set includes two minifigures: Darth Vader with a light-up lightsaber and a TIE Pilot. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Beware the might of the TIE Fighter™!
The most fearsome starfighter in the Imperial fleet is back! What the TIE fighter lacks in armor plating, it makes up for with incredible speed and twin turbolasers. Darth Vader commands this ship!

  • Open the TIE fighter's hatch and maneuver the solar wings.
  • Includes Darth Vader and pilot.


In Star Wars, TIE Fighters are used by the Galactic Empire as normal fighters. They are often seen in groups of four. In the first attack on the Death Star, TIE Fighters were usually on their own due to the number of Rebel craft. However, on the attack of the second Death Star, the TIE Fighters were seen to attack in four-ship squadrons. When they were very close, the TIE Fighters would fly away from the center of the group of fighters to avoid colliding with them.


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