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7264 Imperial Inspection is a Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi set that was released in 2005. The set included 367 pieces to assemble a Lamba-class shuttle, a crane, cart, and ten minifigures; Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, two Royal Guards, four Stormtroopers and two Imperial Officers.

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The Emperor has arrived!

The Emperor has arrived to inspect the new Death Star! Imperial forces stand at attention as Darth Vader meets the Emperor at his Imperial Shuttle. Recreate the Death Star hangar with a cargo vehicle and command station with moving crane! Protected by his Royal Guards, Emperor Palpatine is sure that no Rebels will disrupt his evil plans.

  • Includes 10 minifigures in all: Emperor, Darth Vader, 2 Royal Guards, 2 Imperial Officers and 4 Stormtroopers!
  • Features moving wings and a removable passenger compartment.

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