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7306 Golden Staff Guardians is a Pharaoh's Quest set released in 2011, but it was already available in stores as of late 2010. The set includes a small shrine with the Golden Staff mounted in the center, Mac McCloud (with pilot helmet), a motorbike, rifle, explosives, and two mummies; each with Egyptian swords and scarab shields. On the back of the shrine is a Technic axle that slides through a hole behind the staff; when pushed, it sends the staff flying.


The set includes three minifigures; Mac McCloud and two Mummy Warriors. Both of the mummies have a black Pharaoh helmet, a scarab shield and a curved sword. The shrine is made of mainly blue and tan pieces, and has a hollow stud on the front for the staff to stand up in. There is a TECHNIC axle behind the staff that can push it off. Mac McCloud's motorbike is maroon, with two lights at the front. It has two clips at the back; one for his dynamite and one for a rifle. It has a single red stud at the back for a light.


The Golden Staff was one of the golden weapons of Pharaoh Amset-Ra, which he was trying to collect to take over the world. It makes his warriors unbeatable.


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Race to the temple and battle for the golden staff!

Mac McCloud races towards the temple on his motorcycle in search of 1 of the Pharaoh Amset-Ra’s 6 treasures, the golden staff. Gain access to the staff with dynamite and stay one step ahead of the mummies! Includes three minifigures: Mac McCloud and 2 mummies!

  • Includes 3 minifigures: Mac McCloud and 2 mummies
  • Mac McCloud includes gun, helmet and goggles
  • Mummies include ancient headdresses and swords
  • Features dynamite, motorcycle, temple and golden staff treasure
  • Temple features blow-out wall and secret compartment to hide the golden staff
  • Temple measures over 3” (9cm) tall and 2” (5cm) wide
  • Motorcycle measures 3” (7cm) long and over 1” (3cm) tall


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