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7409 Secret of the Tomb is an Orient Expedition set released in 2003.


The tomb has two 2×6×1/3 black baseplates at the bottom, with two 1×6×1/3 ones connected on at a right angler, joining them together. Above this are some other bricks of various colours. The two front bricks of these are light stone grey, and have two holes in each of them. A 2×4×1/3 brown base with a 'peg' hole at each end is connected into the light stone grey pieces with the holes in them, on which a skeleton is placed. At the bottom of the piece is a black lever. Some white 1×3×1 pieces are put on top of the layer of colourful bricks. A flagpole with a yellow flag is put on the left ones of these. A black lid connected on by hinge pieces is put over the top of the model, with a yellow statue on top. If the black lever is pushed, the skeleton rises out of the tomb. It includes Lord Sam Sinister, a skeleton, one yellow and one blue crystal, which the skeleton is holding. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

What secret hides in the tomb?
Lord Sinister has journeyed to this ancient tomb at the top of Mount Everest in search of treasure. But the tomb holds a surprise - a skeleton who's guarding the jewels! Move the lever to release the gems and make the skeleton pop up. Can the heroes outwit Lord Sinister, or has the villain won at last?

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