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7411 Tygurah's Roar is an Adventurers Orient Expedition set released in 2003.


The set includes 94 pieces and 2 minifigures: Dr. Kilroy and Tygurah. It is one of the smaller sets out of the Orient Expedition sets.

The set has a small Indian-styled shrine sitting on a bright green 8x16 baseplate. The set stands on the baseplate with six white slope pieces. Four white grooved pieces attach above these slope pieces with two 1x8 black rail door pieces attached with two 1x8 flat brown plates slotted within the grooved pieces. At the end of the door rail pieces are two torches (made from a small brown bar, a 1x1 grey cone and a orange transparent flame piece) and attached with a modified 2x3 with a Technic pin hole. Above the slot also loosely sits nine 1x4 flat brown plates and a grey trapdoor hinge with Tygurah attached. This allows a person to easily pull out the the slot allowing the effect of a collapsing bridge and trapdoor to function.

Around the frame of the slotting rail door piece is several dark blue plates pieces attached with varies things like a brown hinge ladder on the right and two large plantations hinged on both sides of the set which are moveable from 1x2 handle pieces. Near the far end of the set, behind Tygurah stands four dark orange pillars which holds up above two curved top pieces, an arch a 1x8x2 arch with two yellow swords extended from the front of it and an exclusive modified white 1x4x2 piece printed with Indian-styled minifigure patterns with a minifigure skull attached at the very top.

Overall, the model has three features, a collapsing bridge, a trapdoor beneath Tygurah, and moveable plants. The sunstone is simply a translucent yellow crystal. Other accessories like a snake, a magnifying glass and a yellow gem (Sunstone) are included. Along with the set, it includes three trading cards and a comic booklet unique to Orient Expedition sets.


Dr. Kilroy has discovered the Sunstone in the jungles of India, but he must escape the mythical guardian Tygurah and avoid falling through the bridge. It concludes with Tygurah falling through the bridge and Dr. Kilroy eventually escaping with the Sunstone.


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Beware Tygurah's roar!
Dr. Kilroy is on a dangerous mission in India - to find the mysterious Sunstone and save an entire village! But the gem is guarded by the mighty Tygurah and he doesn't want to let it go! Release the secret latch to make the bridge slats fall one by one. Can Dr. Kilroy escape with the Sunstone? Includes Dr. Kilroy, Tygurah, and three Johnny Thunder Orient Expedition game cards!

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