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7415 Aero Nomad is an Orient Expedition set released in 2003. The set includes a hot air balloon and two minifigures: Johnny Thunder and Dr. Kilroy.


The balloon is tied down with several ladders and riggings to a small, brown platform. A tan rail surrounds the platform, thus preventing injury. Under the balloon is the flames to lift it, which are controlled through an oxygen tank on the deck. A brown propeller is attached to the back of the balloon, which allows direction. A winch is attached to the desk, which is tied to a casket full of supplies. The winch can be lifted and dropped by means of a rope. The balloon’s net is an actual textile secured in place by four yellow rubber bands.


The adventurers used this vehicle to reach Mount Everest before Lord Sam Sinister could.

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Ride the skies in the Aero Nomad!
Get ready to fly over the snow-capped Himalayas in the Aero Nomad! Johnny Thunder and Dr. Kilroy are ready for the expedition with a trunk full of adventuring gear. In bad weather, they can use the propeller to steer the balloon to steer over the mountain peaks. Includes Johnny Thunder Orient Expedition game cards!

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