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7418 Scorpion Palace is an Adventurers Orient Expedition set released in 2003. It includes Johnny Thunder, Lord Sinister, Maharaja Lallu, Scorpion Palace Guard, and Dr. Kilroy. It has 358 pieces (not counting spare parts). When the scorpion's claws are moved, a boulder rolls out from inside.

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Danger lurks in the Scorpion Palace!

Johnny Thunder and Dr. Kilroy are searching the Scorpion Palace for the Golden Shield -but Lord Sinister and the Maharaja got there first. Watch out! Moving the scorpion's claws releases a huge boulder that could wreck the palace! Find the trap door and you'll find the treasure... if you can escape the scorpion's sting! Includes Johnny Thunder, Lord Sinister, Dr. Kilroy, the Maharaja, and the Golden Shield. Also includes an Orient Expedition board game you can play with your friends!

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