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7477 T-1 Typhoon vs. T-Rex is a Dino Attack set released in 2005.


The set contains a dark red and tan helicopter with many weapons to defeat the T-Rex and the Pteranodon with. The following weapons are included in this set:

  • XL-4 Voltaic Launcher
  • Plarxx Radar Ray
  • Twin Quintronic Beam Emitters
  • Twin Sonic Screamers

The T-Rex has light up eyes and stands 10 inches (25 centimeteres) high. The Typhoon motors spin, and has dual cockpits and a working boom crane. The set includes four minifigures (Digger, Specs, Shadow and Viper), one T-Rex, and one Pteranodon. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

The ultimate dinosaur can only be stopped by the ultimate machine! The T-1 Typhoon is equipped with an XL-4 Voltaic Launcher with firing action, a Plarxx Radar Ray, twin Quintronic Beam Emitters, twin Sonic Screamers, dual cockpits, working boom crane, and much more! Viper, Digger, Specs and Shadow fly the high-tech copter against the mighty T-Rex, with light-up eyes and mouth and real chomping action! This powerful dinosaur is more than a match for any machine, plus it has a savage pteranodon on its side. Includes Viper, Digger, Specs, Shadow, T-Rex and pteranodon figures. Ages 8+.

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