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7498 Police Station is a City set released in 2011. It contains 783 pieces, which build a jail, garage, interior, police cars, six minifigures and a dog. It is the largest City Police set released in 2011. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Crack down on crime in LEGO® City!

Stop the prisoners from escaping the police station through the pipe drain! They won’t get far on foot! Use the police car to chase them back to prison in the police van. Lock criminals up in two jail cells! Pull police vehicles into the garage! Land a helicopter on the roof! Restore the law and order in LEGO® City with this feature-packed set including evidence room, mug shot area and secret compartment.

  • Includes 6 minifigures: 4 police officers, 2 robbers and police dog
  • Features 3 vehicles: police car, prisoner transport van and bicycle
  • Accessories include handcuffs, crowbar and “wanted” poster
  • Features include dog kennel, evidence room, mug shot area and secret compartment
  • Recover stolen goods to put in the evidence room!
  • Escape through the drainpipe!
  • Pull vehicles into the garage!
  • Police Station measures 10” (25cm) tall and 15” (38cm) wide.


The Police Station contains two main builds. One of which is a two story construction including two garages with sliding doors and two jail cells featuring out-folding walls and beds containing hidden crowbars. The other build is a three story office building consisting of a lobby, inmate screening room and an office room at the top. There is also a helipad on the roof which the 7741 Police Helicopter fits onto. The set also includes three vehicles - a Police van with room for a minifigure lying down inside, a Police squad car and Police bicycle.

The set includes six minfigures: two Policemen, a Policewoman, a Detective and two criminals as well as a Police dog.


  • This is one of the two only City sets to include a female Police officer. The other one is 3648 Police Chase which is a special edition set.
  • This is the third police station released in the last six years.
  • The bike seems to create a small humour as the back of the box shows the Crook stealing it.
  • A helipad is included, although a helicopter is not included.
  • The set features in the comic strip The Big Crime Wave!.
  • The police car (left), has a license plate starting with TS, which stands for Tim Scott, one of the designers that designed this set.
  • This set was featured on National Geographic Channel, or NatGeo's Ultimate Factories: LEGO, where it showed how this set was made (Designing, Inspiration, Molding, Building).

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