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Future set
This article or section contains information regarding scheduled, forthcoming or expected future set(s).
The content may change as the release approaches and more information becomes available.

75050 B-Wing is a Star Wars set to be released in 2014.


The ship is said to resemble the 6208 B-Wing Fighter set released in 2006. Three minifigures will be included in the set: Ten Numb, General Airen Cracken and a Gray Squadron Pilot.

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" ... Play out epic scenes from Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi and other thrilling space battles with the B-wing ™! Rotate the cockpit so the pilot always has a clear view ahead. Rev up the four huge engines to power through the galaxy and fire the epic space battles! Spring into battle with the iconic B-wing ™! ..."


  • The set will feature a rotating cockpit and spring loaded missiles

Minifigures Included


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