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75252 Imperial Star Destroyer is a Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Series set released in 2019. It is based on Darth Vader's flagship from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, the Devastator.


The Devastator was an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer of the Imperial Navy famous for its participation in the Battle of Scarif, the capture of the Tantive IV and as Darth Vader's flagship for a time. It later participated in the Imperial victory at Hoth and was destroyed during the decisive battle fought at Endor. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item’s product page)

Build and display an icon of the Galactic Empire – the Devastator. With over 4,700 LEGO® pieces, this Ultimate Collector Series 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer model captures all the authentic details of the starship as it appeared in the opening scene of Star Wars: A New Hope, including swiveling guns, a tilting radar dish, huge engine exhausts, intricate surface detailing and of course a buildable scale version of the Rebels' Tantive IV starship to chase down. This galactic civil war UCS set also includes a display stand with informational fact plaque and 2 Imperial minifigures, making it the perfect LEGO Star Wars collectible for discerning fans.

  • Includes Imperial Officer and Imperial Crewmember minifigures.
  • The Devastator Imperial Star Destroyer model features swiveling guns, a tilting radar dish, huge engine exhausts and intricate surface detailing.
  • Also includes an attachable, buildable scale version Tantive IV starship for added Star Wars: A New Hope authenticity.
  • With a display stand with informational fact plaque for the ultimate display piece.
  • Also comes with 2 blaster pistol weapons.
  • This Ultimate Collector Series set has 4,784 pieces.
  • Inspire unforgettable Star Wars: A New Hope moments.
  • The perfect LEGO® Star Wars™ collectible for fans of the Star Wars saga.
  • UCS model on display stand measures over 17” (44cm) high, 43” (110cm) long and 26” (66cm) wide, and over 14” (37cm) high without stand.

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