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7553 City Advent Calendar is a City christmas set released in September 2011. It includes 232 pieces, and it is intended for children ages five through twelve. It is mostly based on the Police theme.


Log House:

The log house is built on top of two white tiles with rugged bricks. On the right is an archway door, on the left is a window, and on the top are white slopes representing a snowy roof. The printed "POLICE" tiles from 7279 Police Minifigure Collection appears again.[1]

Police Snow Scooter:

The small police snow scooter is built from bright blue tiles with flippers attached to the sides, and has a slope, steering wheel, and enough room to sit a minifigure.[2]

Snow Scooter:

The small snow scooter is built from dark stone grey tiles with flippers attached to the sides, and has a slope, steering wheel, and enough room to sit a minifigure.[3]

Christmas Tree:

A small Christmas tree is built on top of a round with slopes placed back against the sides of each other to form the leaves. On the top is a crystal imitating the star.[4]


The chimney is built on top of a medium stone grey 4x4 tile. It has small slopes facing against each other imitating the fire.[5]

Evidence Table:

The evidence table is made from white bricks with a bright blue 2x4 tile on top. A lamp and a magnifying glass is built on top of the tile.[6]


The table is made from bright blue bricks with a dark stone grey tile on top. The left side brick is 1x3 studs long; just enough room to attach an accessory of some sort like a mug.[7]


The safe is built on top of a mediums tone grey 2x4 tile with two "box" pieces on top, and then another medium stone grey 2x4 tile on top.[8]

Snow Catapult:

The snow catapult is built on top of a white 2x4 plate and features a small catapult to launch out "snowballs".[9]

Police Car:

A small police car is included and features a small grill at the front and a fence at the back. The car has just enough room to fit in a minifigure.[10]

Day 1: Crook with snowball
Day 2: Snow Catapult
Day 3: Policeman with handcuffs
Day 4: Log house Part 1
Day 5: Log house part 2
Day 6: Christmas Tree
Day 7: Skateboard with presents
Day 8: Table with mug
Day 9: Fisherman with axe
Day 10: fish, whip and fireplace
Day 11: Log house part 3
Day 12: Log house Part 4
Day 13: Policeman with walkie talkie
Day 14: Table with magnifying glass
Day 15: Police Car part 1
Day 16: Police car part 2
Day 17: Police car part 3
Day 18: Crook with crowbar
Day 19: Safe With gold bars
Day 20: Snowmobile
Day 21: Carriage
Day 22: Police snowmobile
Day 23: Dog with Bones
Day 24: Santa Claus and Chimney


  • The fisherman in this set comes with a whip to use as a fishing rod instead of a normal one. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Countdown to Christmas in LEGO® City!

Make the countdown to Christmas fly by with the LEGO® City Advent Calendar. Every day a new adventure awaits, including policemen in a mini police car and robbers making a slippery escape on snowmobiles! Even Santa Claus joins in the fun. A perfect addition to your existing LEGO sets and a great way to kick off the buildable holiday fun this year.

  • Features 24 different LEGO® City gifts
  • Includes 6 minifigures: 2 policemen, 2 robbers, fisherman and Santa Claus
  • Vehicles include 2 snowmobiles
  • Build larger models with the LEGO bricks from 3 different gift days!
  • Also features a police dog and Christmas tree
  • Ages 5-12. 232 elements.


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