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7571 The Fight for the Dagger is a Prince of Persia set that was released in 2010. The set includes 258 pieces and Dastan, Asoka, Princess Tamina and a Market Seller minifigures. It also includes a camel piece, which was also included in 7573 Battle of Alamut.


The set main piece is a tower which has a stairway, a trap door, a collapsing balcony, and a shade curtain for the market seller to sit or stand underneath. This set includes a new LEGO Camel with a saddle, a market cart, and many accessories, including jewels and fish, guarded by a market seller.


Dastan is trying to get the Dagger of Time out of the hands of a guard loyal to Princess Tamina named Asoka who was ordered to capture it by Nizam.


  • The set is fairly inaccurate to the movie for these reasons:
    • This is a small scene in the movie where Asoka, sent by Tamina, is to recover the dagger from Dastan.
    • Princess Tamina does not appear in the movie scene.
    • Dastan kills Asoka in the battle.
    • The battle takes place on the street below.
    • The only things from this set that appear in the scene in this movie are Dastan, Asoka, some Market traders, and the Dagger. Tamina is secretly overlooking the battle from a nearby tower room, which is the building included.
      • The set might have been designed the way it was to minimize space.
    • Both of the traps are on the floor of the building, which would not make sense in the mindset of the movie. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Duel for the Dagger of Time!

In a battle with Asoka for the powerful Dagger of Time, Dastan may have finally met his match. Here in the busy Alamut Market, will his amazing ability to run up walls and jump from balcony to balcony be enough to wrestle the dagger away? Watch out for the hidden traps and collapsing balconies!

  • Includes 4 minifigures: Dastan, Princess Tamina, Asoka and Market Stall Owner
  • Features LEGO camel, hidden traps and collapsing balconies
  • Climb the steps to fight for the Dagger!
  • Camel measures 2" (5cm) tall
  • Collect all the LEGO® Brand Prince of Persia™ sets!

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