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7586 Sunshine Home is a Belville-themed set released in 2008. It contains the titular Sunshine Home featuring two floors, a kitchen with an oven, a table and more, a bed room with a bed, lamp and other furniture and accessories for the parents, another bedroom with a bed for the baby and more.


  • The set was originally sold at £52.99 in the UK but later retailed for £61.99.
  • This set includes a Light-Up brick as shown on the box. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

It's a happy day at Sunshine Home!
Enjoy a wonderful time at cozy Sunshine Home! Mom, Dad and baby are there, all set for a day of fun. Dad's barbecue really lights up!

  • Includes Mom, Dad and baby figures!
  • Home includes kitchen with dining table and a high chair for baby, living room with fireplace, baby's room with crib, bedroom, bathroom, and lots of accessories!


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