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75987 Omnic Bastion is an exclusive Overwatch set released in 2018. Description This is a description taken from Blizzard. Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Overwatch® fans will want to build and collect this exclusive Bastion figure in Omnic Crisis orange skin. This Overwatch toy can swivel at the waist, move its arms and features a small sub machine gun in the right arm. Fans will also appreciate Bastion’s friendly bird sidekick, Ganymede, also in the unique Omnic Crisis orange skin. This Overwatch buildable toy is a Blizzard exclusive and only available in limited quantities.


Originally created for peacekeeping purposes, Bastion robot units possessed the unique ability to rapidly reconfigure themselves into an assault-cannon mode. But during the Omnic Crisis, they were turned against their human makers, forming the bulk of the omnics' rebel army. Following the resolution of the crisis, nearly all of the remaining Bastion units were destroyed or disassembled. To this day, Bastion units still symbolize the horrors of the conflict.

Bastion was programmed with the mission to attack Stuttgart alongside many other Bastion units, but it was severely damaged during the fight. It lay dormant in the Black Forest near Eichenwalde, forgotten for over a decade.



  • This set was an exclusive promo set that was released on Blizzard's online shop and at BlizzCon.
  • This set is not based on Bastion's main skin, but his special Omnic Crisis skin.
  • The bird included, Ganymede, is portrayed as a cardinal in this set and in the skin. In the original skin and game canon, however, Ganymede is a xanthothroic cardinal.

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